For 200 years Fettercairn Distillery has done things differently.

From the pioneering spirit of our founder, Alexander Ramsay, to the innovative addition of our copper cooling ring, as well as the foresight of our Scottish Oak Project and Fettercairn Forest - this has always been a place where possibilities are nurtured.

In celebration of two centuries of innovation, we are delighted to present the Fettercairn 200th Collection, a compendium of six of our rarest whiskies housed in a beautiful bespoke cabinet.

Just ten sets have been created, housed in unique cabinets from master craftsman John Galvin, who took inspiration from the way light shines through tree canopies at Fettercairn, and building the cabinet from Scottish oak, copper and brass.

The cabinet houses six of our rarest expressions, from our oldest ever expression at 60 years old to our youngest at just three. Each bottle an exploration of flavour-led whisky making and a marker of a key date in the distillery’s history.

A truly special collection to mark two centuries of imagination.

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The 1964

The 60 Year Old is the oldest release to date from Fettercairn, and marks the year of birth of distillery manager Stewart Walker, who has been with us for 35 years.

Colour – Bronzed gold richness, flecked with mahogany

Taste – Gentle hints of seared pineapple and caramelised fruit, married with a soft medley of raisins, dried prunes, and mellow wood spices.

Finish – An orchestration of Brazil nuts, bergamot, light cacao and clove.

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The 1973

The 49 year old marks the building of the last dunnage warehouse at Fettercairn. This project was a real commitment to the future during a turbulent time for the industry.

Colour – Bronze with deep red notes

Taste – Rich cacao and dark berries, blackcurrant and raspberry are entwined with traces of Madagascan vanilla, guava, and plum

Finish – A huge floral finish of cherries, sweet balsamic and baking spices.

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The 1988

The 35 year old marks the year of retirement of Fettercairn’s longest distillery manager, Douglas Cooper, who was part of the team who introduced our copper cooling ring.

Colour – Deep amber

Taste – Rich passion fruit and a balance of fine and dark cacao

Finish – Aromatic spices, including cassia and nutmeg.

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The 1995

This completely unique 28 year old has been a passion project for Gregg Glass, who has nurtured this perfect embodiment of his cask selection philosophy.

Colour – Burnished gold with hazel traces

Taste – Golden syrup and poached strawberries, sultanas and warm apricot tart. Light and aromatic citrus is balanced by cassia bark.

Finish – Raspberry compote, light cacao and green tea, with soft wood spice.

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The 1998

This completely unique 25 year old embodies the spirit of discovery. A perfectly balanced representation of Fettercairn’s tropical house style, this whisky showcases what’s possible with ex-cognac casks.

Colour – Shimmering gold leaf

Taste – Lychee and passion fruit, alongside myriad orchard fruits and sweet patisserie notes

Finish – Blossom honey and candied oranges lead to cacao, vanilla and apricot

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The 2021

Our youngest ever whisky at three years old, this magnificent creation marks the launch of the award-winning Scottish Oak Project and our commitment to the circular economy.

Colour – Deep ruby

Taste – Ripe pineapple enhanced by dark berry fruits, fresh strawberry, red liquorice and notes of cacao.

Finish – Dark cherries, gently roasted coffee, Madagascan vanilla and soft baking spices