A home for golden harvests to come

At our spiritual home in the foothills of the Cairngorm mountains, we’re sowing the seeds of our own whisky making future.

Alongside our founding partners Bairds Malt, we’ve established the Fettercairn 200 Club, a lifelong alliance with the local Scottish Highlands farming community that marks our progressive approach to whisky making.

Barley grown by friends and neighbours

The founding of the 200 Club means that for generations to come, every golden ear of barley we use in our whisky will be harvested from fields within a 50-mile radius of the distillery, grown by farmers who are our friends and neighbours.

Local farmer David Innes said: “We’re not just celebrating the work of everyone who crafts the whisky you end up drinking. We’re part of an enterprise that will bring great benefit to the local economy.”

Kindred spirits. Unfettered thinking

In keeping with our commitment to whisky experimentation, we’re laying a fertile foundation for a future where farmers, landowners and whisky makers work hand in hand at every step of our whisky’s journey from grain to glass.

With it comes the possibility of distilling single-estate expressions as distinctive as the people who make them.

It’s just one more example of the unfettered thinking that lies behind our faith in the preciousness of these relationships and our belief that the next 100 years are more important than the past.

Launch Event

On 15th June 2022, Fettercairn Distillery held an event to welcome the local businesses and Scottish landowners that are members of the Fettercairn 200 Club, to come together and celebrate the first cask fill of barley that is purely from a 50-mile radius of the distillery. This will be left to mature and become whisky. The celebration also marked the reopening of the popular distillery visitor centre, following closure due to the pandemic, and recent redevelopment of the visitor facilities. The beautiful new visitor centre has been upgraded to provide a unique experience for those keen to discover more about Fettercairn.

Cask signing

Signed by members of the partnership to mark this special occasion, and the start of our Fettercairn 200 commitment, this cask is filled with the first new make spirit to run from the stills that includes only barley from our neighbouring farms.

Cask signing

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