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To get a true feeling for Fettercairn’s ‘Enlightened Whisky Making’ philosophy, make your way to our spiritual home in the foothills of the Cairngorms.

Look closer and your eye will be taken by an extraordinary sculpture from the hands of celebrated landscape artist Rob Mulholland. ‘Forest Flow’, created from thousands of bars of shining steel, shimmers and glints above a pool of the same pure spring water present in every drop of Fettercairn Whisky. On its outer edge, a scattering of oak leaves symbolises the newly planted forest.

It represents the distillery’s vision for the future, a project ten years in the making, that has seen our people plant 13,000 oak saplings on land next to the Fettercairn Distillery.

Fettercairn Scultpure 200 Club 0079 V2
Fettercairn Scultpure 200 Club V2
Fettercairn Forest Flow sculpture by the celebrated land artist Rob Mulholland

Rob Mulholland's inspiration

Rob drew his inspiration for his sculpture from observing our enlightened whisky making philosophy in action.

He told us: “I was inspired after seeing the water flowing into the distillery from the nearby well, filling the mash tuns and pouring down the copper stills. I wanted to capture that constant sense of movement and life as the water is cooled and recirculated.”

‘Forest Flow’ sets in steel our pledge to support future generations of whisky makers, land managers and foresters among others, and our determination to provide a prosperous and sustainable future for whisky making.

Rob Mulholland

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